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Technology is not evolving anymore, technology is evolution and mobile technology has experienced a major revolution in the last decade.


We help organization to

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  • Real Time Market Rate

    The over-paying of market rate is not only costly, but it's also dangerous to your profitability. As a Managed Service P...

  • Reduce Risk

    Finding quality talent promptly & ensuring correct classification reduces risk substantially. Our SaaS (software as ...

  • Correct Data

    Having all of the data, in one place, continually updated & in real time, enables you to make the best decisions abo...

  • Eliminate Rogue Spending

    Our cloud software along with standard processes & managed services give you an accurate prediction of future contin...

  • Correct Forecasting

    To deploy quickly, precise planning & methods must be in place. Our software & service allows you to be confiden...

  • Reduce Churn

    Creating an appealing & transparent corporate culture makes top talent stay connected & eager to return. We are ...

Leverage our cloud-based VMS

For real-time information, easily accessible, all in one place.



With everything at your fingertips, creating jobs is easy. Key functions include express job requisitioning, time-saving custom job templates, supplier job rate cards, plus a per job cost savings calculator.

Statements of Work

Create customizable SOWs & leave nothing to chance. Increase visibility by creating clear specific services, activities, deliverables. This one feature alone can increase your productivity.


A streamlined submission process means faster deployment of needed staff. By having all of your information in one place, you will be able to submit your request in no time at all.


The key to having a strong talent pool is keeping it up to date at all times. Our tools ensure quality candidates don’t get overlooked & shortens the time-to- source.


Create offers seamlessly that are appealing to talent & management. The applicant’s experience begins with the offer – make it a good & sound one, you’ll retain better talent longer.

Work Order

Work orders created with accurate data save time & money. By using up-to- the-minute information, orders are precise & understandable. Plus they are available on any device in the office or the field.


Customize contracts or create them quickly with templates. All data is at hand to easily check compliance status, along with payment & financial information.

Time Sheet

Simplify provides your organization with time sheets & consolidated invoice management, focusing on the visibility of time, cost, & budget values.


We’ve made invoicing simple. Each one is easy to create & track. Consolidated invoicing takes mountains of paperwork & transforms them into invoices that are simple to read, process & pay.


All reports are customizable for your particular business & industry. The analytics are robust so you & your staff can truly use the data. Track & see what was successful. Make needed changes quickly.


Accurate proposals are a fundamental part of the entire hiring process. Internally for approval & externally for hire acceptance. Track your successful proposals to build templates that work.


Simplifying your staffing system can make those times of short notice & emergency hiring less stressful. We’re here to help you engage & retain a superior contingent workforce.

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