Our Mission/Values

Marketplace trends have been steadily moving towards higher optimization and innovation. To adapt towards these progressing technologies and requirements our vision and mission at Simplify is to successfully help clients transition to a faster, more productive and effective workforce management solution.

With our eye on the future and lessons from the past, we strive to improve our team and our services with better communication and innovative vision.

Connect with our clients

Listen, create, repeat. It’s simple to say, but hard to do. We take pride in our ability to bring an iterative, consultative and empathic approach to product development and delivery.


Our approach is to listen to what customers say they want and then build what we know they need.

Customer Care

We believe that software is only as good as the service that comes with it.


Workforce management is fluid and collaborative by nature – we build software that reflects this belief.


Our goal is to continually improve our product, provide amazing support and to do so at an industry leading value.

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