Your End-To-End Extended Workforce Solution


Real Time Market Rates

Robust data warehouse and analytics tools to help insure you don’t overpay for talent. Simplify’s data can ensure you are knowledgeable regarding the market and the rates required to attract top talent without overpaying.


Reduce Risk

Finding quality talent promptly, creating a transparent process around employment classification and on-boarding works to reduce the risk profile of using contingent labor. Our SaaS (software as a service) builds repeatable processes.



Having all data and activity in one place in real time enables to you have the full picture enabling you to make the best decisions regarding candidate selection and management from start to finish.


Gain Program and Spend Compliance

Our cloud software along with standard processes, work to create a program that adds value to all users, driving program governance and spend compliance.


Predictive Analytics

To deploy quickly, precise planning & methods must be in place. Our software & service allows you to be confident in your ability to fulfill your future staffing needs & achieve your goals.


Engaged Worker Experience

Creating an appealing and transparent corporate culture makes top talent stay connected and eager to return. We are here to help you in this regard so you can retain and gain maximum productivity from your highly skilled and knowledgeable contingent workers.