Procurement & Sourcing

SimplifySOW is part of our transformational, award-winning, cloud-based vendor management system (VMS) platform. Our Statement of Work (SOW) solution is built on the newest and most flexible technology stack and is imbued with integration and system capabilities that are redefining the concept of a VMS platform.

Why SimplifySOW?

Our solution’s genesis was to address the pain points of the long-underserved middle market by offering an SOW solution that is supplier friendly, agile, iterative, and highly intuitive, while also offering a tool that could significantly scale up or down without compromising these principles. Now, SimplifySOW is employed as both a large enterprise and middle market solution.

SimplifySOW provides a unified approach towards managing all aspects of global services procurement, and full support or all aspects of agency and TTM workforce management.

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Benefits of a VMS Solution for SOW

Maximize your cost-control, risk-mitigation, and project-tracking through our SOW module.
Use real-time reporting and analytics to optimize your continent workforce spend.
Enhanced and automated workflows leverage your organization’s talent acquisition, engagement, management, and optimization capabilities.
Enhance your capabilities to engage agency talent across multiple channels.
Source talent globally quickly and streamline their engagement experience.
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Disruptive Features

Integration Wizard

Our multi-tool integration product processes
integration requests in days

Rapidly Deployable

Our implementation timeline takes half as
much time as the industry standard

Newest Tech Stack

Unlimited flexibility and scalability infrastructure design
eliminates programming bottlenecks and can roll out
system changes in a matter of hours or days


Our “no walls” “configure everything” in real-time
VMS solution is the best configuration module
in the business


Leave behind your tome-like user manuals with the
competition and experience our customer-centric
UI/UX interface

Market Intelligence

Use our advanced reporting and analytics modules
and built-in data algorithms to identify, develop,
and capitalize on labor market inefficiencies

Disruptive Services

Semper Vigilans

"Always vigilant," our customer success and leadership teams are always available to support your inquiries and provide consultation on your most challenging opportunities.

Enhanced Training

Learn the tool inside and out through various scripted demo scenarios with solutions based outcomes and multiple learning sites (e.g., demo, development, production).

Multi-Point Support

Customers and partners will receive support from technical, solutioning, and customer account management, providing a holistic support solution for all of their needs.

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