Technology to build your flexible workforce ecosystem

In a world that is changing rapidly and unpredictably, businesses need advanced technology solutions to manage their contingent workforce with ease and efficiency.

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Renowned brands trust Simplify for flexible workforce management solutions

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We simplify your complexity

Simplify is a diversity-owned, socially responsible technology company operating in the evolving and increasingly complex contingent workforce marketplace.

Our team of expert technologists and customer-facing problem solvers deliver solutions that become the building blocks of your unique flexible workforce ecosystem.

We place a top priority on ease-of-use and a seamless customer experience across our solutions, which enable:

  • Total talent visibility
  • Contingent workforce optimization
  • Flexible multi-channel sourcing
  • Compliance risk management
  • Hiring manager empowerment
  • Satisfying worker experience
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Data-driven, analytical insights and more

We simplify your cimplexity

Our state-of-the-art technology platform delivers leading-edge workforce solutions

Next-gen VMS unencumbered by process rigidity and limited integrations

All the features of a VMS, but with the ease-of-use, flexibility and connectivity you expect

Multi-channel sourcing that expands your options to get work done

Direct sourcing and statement of work solutions take you beyond traditional staffing

Unique capabilities designed to promote diversity, equity and inclusion

Neurodiverse talent solutions take DE&I to a new level in your organization

Data and AI-driven insights and actions that drive speed and efficiency

Information and intelligence are woven into and across solutions

Some Examples of How We’re Different

Our job is to make your work simple, whether you are trying to hire a contractor or you are trying to get hired

That’s what a flexible workforce ecosystem is all about

Candidate sourcing need not be a trying ordeal

Simplify’s direct sourcing approach even offers access to a talent ocean of millions of pre-vetted candidates to fill your own branded private talent pools

Candidate onboarding need not be an onerous experience

Simplify’s onboarding experience is a streamlined, guided process that provides assisted profile building and AI-enabled matching of best-fit roles

Candidate engagement need not be elusive

Simplify’s technology supports a more positive candidate experience not only because of ease of use, but because AI is helping to ensure organizational fit

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Learn about our customers who ditched their legacy VMS providers and what they achieved with us

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