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Advantages of Vendor Management System in Retail Industry Staffing

The retail and distribution industries are in an era of transformation. As the retail market is expanding by 3%, every year, many companies are looking for ways to earn more profit while expanding product lines and market share. At present, approximately two thirds of the United States’ GDP comes from retail consumption. That’s big!

As these industries thrive, they are evaluating the time, cost and risk associated with procuring and managing their flexible workforce. A VMS solution provides a number of benefits to consider.

Key Roles of VMS

Project Management – A suitable tool for process tracking, task assignment, work coordination and other functionalities in a collaborative platform

Vendor Engagement – Fast, effective communication between managers and the vendors supplying contingent talent

Payroll Management – Simple and well-organized processes to manage vendor and contractor payments, expenses and contracts.

What is Vendor Management System?

Vendor Management System from SimplifyVMS enables retail companies to organize the process of securing and managing a flexible workforce.  SimplifyVMS can be used to search, and identify flexible staff. Features include tools to onboard, manage, track time, and approve invoices for the contingent workforce. Additionally, there are modules to manage SOW (Statement-of-work) workers, and Independent Contractor qualification and management. Our solution helps companies streamline processes, reduce risk, and drive cost-savings.

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