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Are you exploring VMS right now?

Procurement is an integral part of most organizations, evolving with ever-changing technologies and industries. In an effort to address growing demands and increasingly fast-paced business, procurement departments have not only dedicated category specialists but they continue to seek technological solutions to assist with their efforts.

In today’s environment the trend for the organizational process of procurement of talent is the Vendor Management System (VMS). Whether you are a large corporation or even a small-mid size company, the VMS will facilitate a strategic approach for procuring and managing top talent. Simplify VMS is one of the leading VMS providers, providing a comprehensive solution to identify, hire, onboard and manage talent.

Simplify VMS is an upgrade in the vendor management evolution, infusing aspects from traditional VMS platforms and incorporating more advanced techniques to suit the unique requirements of each business. Tools provided by Simplify VMS help optimize the company’s potential by:

a. Employment and Market Brand
A company’s image and credibility determines its success and growth. Simplify VMS helps protect your worth by conducting pre-screenings and constantly re-evaluating pre-qualified candidates. This regular background verifications would increase the quality of your brand, making you more reliable and professional.

b. Cost Effective
Simplify VMS’ extensive database provides quick access to insights allowing effective rate management and overall reduction of labor costs. Efficiency and delivery velocity is realized through the automated process. All information and activity is transparent and measurable enabling real-time evaluation and improvement.

c. Enhance Performance
The fast user experience and ease of use includes predictive analytics for future trends, job requirements and demands to assist in forming informed decisions to plan, improve and deliver through the onboarding process. The platform is creative, customizable and agile, allowing users to configure the system to fit their needs.

d. Risk Management
Simplify VMS manages compliance and the performance of talent, Simplify’s automated approach reduces risks across all elements of using contingent labor.

Simplify VMS is on the forefront and is leading the industry to access and manage the best talent through an increasingly complex number of sourcing streams. Simplify combines process control, insights and machine learning to enhance and lead any organization’s talent strategy. Simplify VMS – Paving the way for global talent solutions
that keep the power in your hands.

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