Contingent workforce management is becoming more complex and challenging in an unpredictable business environment and talent marketplace. Businesses need to adapt to new ways of sourcing and engaging contingent workers, while managing costs and ensuring compliance.

It needn’t be difficult. Simplify can help with a state-of-the-art technology platform and a suite of leading-edge solutions designed and built to enable the management of your flexible workforce ecosystem.

Learn more about some of the areas where we can solve problems and drive value:

Vendor Management Systems (VMS)

A cloud native Vendor Management System is the cornerstone of your external workforce management ecosystem. Discover how our advanced-technology VMS can help you drive out costs, manage compliance and source candidates more effectively.

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Statement of Work

Find out how you can drive project results by implementing Statement of Work contracts, rewarding contractors based on milestone outcome results rather than payment for hours worked.

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Direct Sourcing

Explore the advantages of using a Direct Sourcing and Talent Pool solution to avoid staffing supplier markups, have more control over sourcing campaigns, and enhance candidate engagement.

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Artificial Intelligence

Discover how Artificial Intelligence is being applied to external workforce management to speed up time to hire, reduce onboarding costs, validate applicant skills/credentials and prevent hiring bias.

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Neurodiverse Talent

Explore how fit-for-purpose, neurodiverse hiring solutions can support your organization’s aspirations to develop a more inclusive and innovative workforce.

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