Utility Company Replaces an Incumbent Vendor Management System (VMS) with Simplify VMS
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Utility Company Replaces an Incumbent Vendor Management System (VMS) with Simplify VMS

Client Profile: A midstream oil and gas company


Our client chose Simplify VMS to replace their incumbent VMS and optimize their contingent labor program. Prior to onboarding Simplify VMS, the client’s HR managers experienced several challenges with managing their contingent workforce, including:

  • Their existing VMS was being underutilized by their program managers

  • Their existing VMS was not supporting the advancement of the program as certain spend floors were not being met

Through an MSP channel partner’s recommendation, the client decided to go with Simplify VMS for its expertise in mid-market spend programs and for its ability to scale the tool up quickly. 

“Simplify VMS embraces our program circumstances, evaluated them very quickly, and turned the program – which was, admittedly, struggling – into a contributive segment of our business. The Simplify team was quick to respond to our needs and the tool has exceeded our expectations. We’re a very happy customer!”


The Simplify VMS team worked with their channel partner and the program director at the client site to uproot the program’s existing VMS and replace it with Simplify VMS, all within a 4-week period. By onboarding Simplify VMS, the client was able to setup their VMS of choice and centralize their contingent workforce data stream into one channel of information. From this channel, hiring managers were able to pull workforce reports in real-time and develop customized analytics reports, which helped them determine which of their locations would be onboarding additional headcount.

Another major benefit of leveraging Simplify VMS’ operational agility is that is consolidated multiple back office functions, which reduced the program team’s time spent on repetitive tasks. This ultimately led to a reduction in non-strategic time spent on program support, and more time spent on optimizing the program’s capabilities. The client was also able to glean additional insights from the tool’s reporting capabilities, which helped them determine additional spend opportunities for future Statement of Work (SOW) projects.


By having robust reporting & analytics capabilities, the client was able to create hundreds of automated reports and associated workflow notifications which helped them drive enormous value from their non- employee labor force. The program manager was also able to reduce the program’s overall spend as real-time market intelligence on labor market rates helped guide their investment decisions.

Overall, program managers were able to create measurable metrics for HR and procurement to use, and drive significant data-driven processes through the program. As a result, the client reduced their non-employee spend by $98k in the first year of the program.