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Technology is not evolving anymore, technology is evolution and mobile technology has experienced a major revolution in the last decade. There has been a surge in mobile dependency, with nearly 2 billion smartphone users, increasing steadily. Industries are now being redefined in regard to the mobile world.

Where are we headed next?
Companies have recognized the importance and benefits of the mobile trend and are integrating it with their business module for a higher production and larger interactive audience. This new development into the mobile world is intended to optimize the efficiency, while reducing the time and effort. Technology is making it easier for data to be available at our finger tips, and to be managed and edited while shuffling between devices. With each upgrade, the mobile screens are getting bigger and faster, improving the performance of on-the- go employees.

With companies looking beyond their traditional management borders, the competition within industries is setting new standards of measure. This hybrid system of incorporating mobile technology in the current work system is the future of company architecture. One of the biggest shifts has been in the hiring trend in various industries to
vendor management systems (VMS). Today, nearly 20% of workers are a part of a global contingent workforce, predicting to expand to almost 50% of the workforce in the next 3-5 years. Taking full advantage of this added resource is the Vendor Management System, Simplify VMS, a comprehensive and user-friendly technology for sourcing, on- boarding and hiring workforce. Its futuristic vision and high-level application tracks and transfers data between devices, giving the benefit of working remotely or providing the ease of commute.

Industries have been looking towards newer technology as a solution to help them not just meet their requirements but also increase their potential. While the mobile technology is the latest evolution, wonder what would surpass it while maintaining security, integrity and viability.

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