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Managing Mobile Workforce Gets Easier with Cloud-based Software than Spreadsheets

The word ‘cloud’ seems to be omnipresent these days, and companies with cloud-based workforce management systems are on cloud nine. Companies that embrace cloud-based solutions enjoy speed, agility, accuracy and accessibility.

With so many companies utilizing a mobile workforce, the logistical challenges associated with managing this workforce are significant. Manually tracking information is simply not a good solution. Spreadsheets are time consuming. It’s difficult to keep them updated, and multiple versions can cause confusion when sharing data. Those who work with spreadsheets know how much time it takes to format and load data. When preparing data for more than 20 staff members, a cloud-based workforce management system is your best option. WFM software from SimplifyVMS automatically does the task for you. Managing Paid Time Off requests through email can be a challenge. A workforce management software can route these requests for approval/denial and maintain a clear, sharable record. SimplifyVMS can perform every task from tracking requests and approvals, to payroll management to workforce planning.

Achieving Agility

Recently, our team took part in an advance system conference where we shared how we manage to stay agile as a software provider and continue to thrive in an environment of ever-changing workforce needs. Let’s consider attendance tracking software. How have the features changed with cloud services? The latest solution is far more flexible than the previous versions and can be installed on existing systems. It can also be operated from any of your smart gadgets.

Consider automating your HR processes for operational efficiencies, a better employee experience, and more time to focus on customer experience. SimplifyVMS can provide your team with any easy to use tool that helps them be more successful, as they manage your mobile workforce. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates.

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