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Our global footprint of leading managed service providers (MSPs) enables our clients to further source, manage, and optimize their contingent workforce. By developing a symbiotic relationship with the client, our MSP channel partners create a shared positive outcomes approach with their clients. Coupled with the ability to leverage the newest and most agile VMS tech stack in the market, SimplifyVMS, our MSP channel partners have added more value to their client relationships than ever before.

Saving You Time

We recognize that time compression spent on servicing a VMS is a critical issue of our channel partners. SimplifyVMS’ solution is to reduce the time needed to configure, support, integrate, and deploy the tool.

This approach enables our MSP channel partners to expand their profit margins and focus on account management or growing their business, should they so choose.

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A Few Things to Consider

The result is the most operationally agile VMS tool in the market, providing the most compelling value proposition to our channel partners.

  • System changes/configurations are completed in hours
  • Integrations are done in days
  • Rapidly deployed implementations are done in as little as 3 weeks

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