Customers: What is the Future of Work at Your Company?
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Customers: What is the Future of Work at Your Company?

At Simplify VMS, we think a lot about the future of work—especially when it comes to the contingent workforce. We’re also hearing about trends from our customers.

TREND #1: Job Hopping Will Be the Norm

Alongside the desire for continued flexibility and new experiences from the workforce community, employers will need to meet the demand for everchanging areas of expertise, most especially as it relates to the technology sector. Combined, the concept of a so-called “job hopper,” most commonly defined as a resource who consistently spends less than 2 years in each position held, will become a mutually acceptable way of working…and no longer a red flag of sorts for employers. – Leslee Kress, Director of Implementation.

TREND #2: Work From Home is Here to Stay

Even before the pandemic, there has been a shift to remote work with more employers being comfortable hiring remotely or having their employees move to a remote schedule, whether part time or full. The pandemic has only shown us that this not only is possible, but is also effective for both employers and their workers. Organizations are reworking their policies as we speak. – Mouhanad Abbas, SVP of Operations & Technology

TREND #3: Pay Visibility Across the Organization

This trend is transparency at its finest. According to Global Talent Trends report, 27 percent of HR and Hiring professionals say their company currently shares salary ranges with employees or candidates, with another 22 percent saying they will start within the next 5 years. Their reasons include helping to close the gender pay gap and to build trust and morale among employees. – Karina Kirstein, Director of Operations.

TREND #4: More Employees Will Choose Gig Work

Did you know in the 1940s, employers had a difficult time to get people to commit to a 9-5 job, so they motivated them by offering benefits? With talks of a Universal Basic Income, it’s possible that more full-time employees will choose gig work. We’re seeing workers valuing their time more than their jobs in some cases, and how they spend that time is important to them. These workers will likely be seeking out gigs that align with their personal values, help them achieve their goals, and provide flexibility—all of which is possible with a contingent work model. – Justin Barner, Product Manager. 

TREND #5: It May Become A Job Seekers’ Market

With so many changes in what employees care about when it comes to their jobs, it will likely be more the case that they will be interviewing the employer more so than the other way around. Simplify VMS, in fact, is looking at ways to build our product to help contingent workers find the jobs that align with the work they care about and the types of companies they want to work for. Now that remote and global work is becoming more available to them, so are their options. – Matt Wagner, SVP and General Manager – EMEA.

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