A leading University Gains Efficiencies from Leveraging a VMS Tool
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A leading University Gains Efficiencies from Leveraging a VMS Tool

Client Profile: A Leading University Based in the Northeast United States


Our client chose Simplify VMS to gain efficiencies from their contingent labor management program in the U.S. Prior to onboarding Simplify VMS, the client’s HR managers experienced several challenges with managing their contingent workforce, including:

  • They didn’t have a full view of non-employees working for their organization; which agency they were from, or which compliance procedures were followed to onboard them

  • They didn’t have one centralized process to manage their contingent workforce; creating a significant burden surrounding supplier engagement (e.g., contract negotiations, invoice reconciliation, etc.)

  • They didn’t have a standardized process to onboard and off board non-employee talent

  • Their existing vendor management system (VMS) was lacking thorough reporting functionality, and so they were looking to replace it

Through a competitive RFP bid process, the client decided to go with Simplify VMS for its configurability, ease of use, and overall system flexibility.

“Working with the tool opened our eyes to the possibilities; compliance, standardized processes, and easy reporting functionality have helped us immensely. We’re now able to focus on the strategic mission of our organization: educating our future leaders, as opposed to being burdened with administrative tasks.”


By onboarding Simplify VMS, the client was able to centralize their contingent workforce data stream into one channel. From this channel, stakeholders were able to pull reports in real-time and automate onboarding and off boarding workflows, which helped HR when they needed to support a government audit of their workforce. Additionally, by having thorough reporting capabilities, the client was able to present supporting documentation and data to support their government compliance audits.

Another major benefit of funneling their contingent labor data (e.g., start and end dates, timesheets, requisitions, etc.) through one tool was the creation of a single channel of information that program stakeholders could leverage for a variety of uses. This channel has eliminated the need for touchpoints (e.g., emails) and requisitions outside of the system, which has helped standardize processes for audit support and compliance efforts.


The client underwent a government audit that Simplify VMS was able to support from start to finish, which helped limit the administrative burden on the client’s HR team, and ultimately helped the client maintain its prestigious certifications. By having the right VMS tool in place, the client simplified their compliance support efforts as the data to support the audit was readily available, centralized, and easily reportable.

By having more visibility into their contingent workforce, the client sponsor was able to reduce their administrative workload associated with supporting government audits almost entirely. This enabled the HR team to focus on strategic initiatives like acquiring high quality higher education talent to help drive their organization’s mission forward.

Overall, stakeholders were able to standardize their onboarding and off boarding efforts, as well as standardize their workflows, which reduced inefficiencies in the program. As a result, the client’s HR team was able to reduce program inefficiencies associated with onboarding and off boarding talent by over 50%, and reduce their administrative efforts associated with annual compliance efforts by over 33%.