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Explore ways to create a technology ecosystem to control your flexible workforce.

Experience the world’s most advanced and user-friendly contract labor management technology designed for healthcare. Our mission is to revolutionize how healthcare organizations handle their contract labor, making it easy and efficient. Our solution streamlines procurement and talent acquisition processes, providing actionable insights and smart analytics for impactful decisions.


Discover the latest industry trends on flexible workforce management and tips to enhance vendor performance.

Easy Setup, Instant Results

Simplify is the Next-Gen VMS platform designed for the whole healthcare system.

Ease of Use

Intuitive UI & top-notch support to help you uncover the maximum capability of the platform.


Streamlines the entire aspects of healthcare contingent workforce management under one platform.

Seamless Integrations

This is a fully integrable platform. Pre-built connectors to easily integrate with a broad range of 3rd party systems.


Central hub for compliance management, real-time visibility into compliance aligning with JCAHO standards.

Mobile Enabled

Access key metrics and manage your vendors from your mobile device.

Direct Sourcing

Eliminate MSPs, build branded private talent pools, use predictive analysis & AI to discover ideal fits.

Risk Management

Employment of cutting-edge technologies & adherence to global regulatory standards to safeguard sensitive data.

Real-Time Reporting

Analyze vendor performance with in-built supplier’s scorecards, work hours with task tracking, and more.


Discover the latest industry trends on flexible workforce management and tips to enhance vendor performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can Healthcare systems benefit form utilizing a Vendor Management System?

    Healthcare facilities, from hospitals to clinics, often operate with an extensive external workforce. Creating a governance model that drives efficiency, reduces risk, and controls costs is key. Vendor Management Systems (VMS) offer centralized control, streamlining the management of contingent workers.

  2. Which Businesses Can Benefit from Utilizing a Vendor Management System?

    Vendor Management Systems can be advantageous for businesses spanning various industries including Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Finance, IT, and more. Any organization engaging with multiple vendors or relying on a contingent workforce can optimize operations through the utilization of a VMS.

  3. Is The Implementation of a Vendor Management System A Complex Process for Businesses?

    The complexity of implementing a Vendor Management System (VMS) can differ based on factors like the organization’s size, existing systems, and the chosen VMS solution. As a leading provider of flexible workforce solutions - SimplifyVMS offers extensive support and guidance during implementation, making the process simpler for businesses.

  4. Can A Vendor Management System Integrate With Existing Company Systems And Software?

    Yes, Simplify’s Vendor Management System is designed to seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems including HR, BI, HCM, LMS, ITSM, ERP systems, and more. This integration facilitates data sharing and enhances overall operational efficiency.

  5. What Security Measures Do Vendor Management Systems Typically Have in Place?

    As an industry leader in the Vendor Management space, Simplify employs robust security measures such as data encryption, access controls, regular security updates, and compliance with industry-standard security protocols to safeguard sensitive vendor and company-related information.

  6. How Customizable Are Vendor Management Systems to Accommodate Specific Business Needs?

    Our VMS solutions typically offer customization options to align with the unique requirements of different businesses. These can include customizable workflows, reporting features, and configurable settings to adapt to specific organizational needs.

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