Neurodiverse Talent Webinar: Solving Neurodivergent Talent Hiring Challenges​

Explore the transformative power of neurodiversity in the workplace

Attend our live webinar for an immersive experience that delves into the transformative power of neurodiversity in the workplace!

Why you should attend
  • Discover the benefits of including neurodivergent individuals in your workforce.
  • Overcome hiring challenges with our pioneering platform.
  • Unleash potential and drive productivity through inclusive environments.
  • Foster innovation and access a diverse candidate pool.

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SIG Procurement Technology Summit

Spotlighting Procurement Technology

Attend for an immersive experience that explores industry trends, innovations and solutions shaping high-performance teams and best-in-class procurement organizations.

Why you should attend
  • Discover the ways technology is changing and advancing sourcing and procurement.
  • Explore current sourcing trends and how to overcome challenges.
  • Attend keynote and breakout sessions with live Q&A and solution demos that showcase how the implementation of AI, machine learning and robotics process automation can enhance the quality of work and ignite innovation.
  • Gain a fantastic opportunity to network with industry peers and form connections.

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ProcureCon Contingent Staffing

The Conference Where Contingent Workforce Sourcing Leaders Connect and Inspire

ProcureCon Contingent Staffing brings together the top minds in talent acquisition, contingent workforce sourcing, and procurement. Learn everything there is to know about creating winning people strategies.

Why you should attend
  • Take note of how top leaders in talent acquisition, contingent workforce sourcing, and procurement form their 2023 strategy.
  • Gain valuable insight into the lessons learned from the Great Hope of 2022.
  • Strengthen your Employee Brand to attract the best talent.
  • Create a holistic workforce while balancing risk and compliance.
  • Take the opportunity to make great connections with industry peers.

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CWS Summit Europe

Evolve your contingent workforce management strategy

Discover the latest opportunities, trends and strategies to improve and evolve the performance of your entire workforce solutions supply chain.

Discussion topics will include:
  • Opportunities for talent sourcing and engagement management.
  • Current and future technologies across the workforce solutions ecosystem.
  • Strategies and innovations for contingent workforce programme improvement and programme maturity.

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ProcureCon Marketing 2023

Your Only Peer-Led Procurement Conference

ProcureCon Marketing is the only senior-level cross-industry event solely dedicated to the unique challenges of the procurement and sourcing of marketing resources.

Why you should attend:
  • 20+ hours of discussion groups, workshops, panels, roundtables, and structured networking activities.
  • ProcureCon Marketing is the only event solely focused on marketing procurement education and networking.
  • It’s an ideal environment that fosters networking opportunities, enables you to develop relationships and make new contacts.

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