Assessing Your Credentialing Document Management: Key Questions to Consider

  • How do you manage and store credentialing documents?

  • Is your current document storage secure and accessible?

  • How do you ensure timely updates and renewals through document tracking?

  • Can your system efficiently handle document retrieval during audits?

  • Are you leveraging technology to automate document management?

  • How do you manage access control for sensitive documents?

Credential document management

What Credentialing Challenges Are We Addressing?

Automatic Document Tracking

Document Expiration Alerts

Customizable Document Workflow

Automated Document Requesting

Secure Document Storage

Digital Signatures

Unlocking the Benefits of Effective Credentialing System

Time Savings

Save significant time and reduce administrative burdens associated with managing provider information.

Better Provider Experience

Seamless and efficient experience for healthcare providers, which can ultimately improve their satisfaction with the credentialing process.

Improved Compliance

Avoid compliance issues and potential fines, and ensure that their provider networks remain up-to-date and in good standing.

Enhanced Accuracy

Reduce errors and omissions, and enable healthcare organizations to make better decisions when selecting providers for specific roles and responsibilities.

What are we resolving?

It is estimated that around 85% of submitted applications suffer from inaccurate, missing, or irrelevant information

It is no secret that the medical credentialing process is a time-consuming one. An application review can take around 21 business days to complete.

The rules, regulations, and requirements for medical credentialing vary from stage to stage. It also doesn’t help that these rules and regulations are volatile and experience frequent changes. It is important to leverage a reliable credentialing service or system to keep up with varying and changing regulations.

  • Challenging to change credentialing program
  • while operations can begin in a new system/job portal - credential system would benefit being constant as data is extremely sensitive.
  • You will have no option but to lose one or two components to make the migration possible

  • Ensuring the Privacy of Healthcare Professional
  • The process entails the submission of crucial documents such as practice licence, work history, education qualification, etc.
Creadentialing challenges