Don’t Accept Your Services Procurement Status Quo​

Lacking in Transparency

Due to unavailable, inaccessible, or scattered data

Slow and Error-prone

Due to unautomated workflows and ad hoc workarounds

Handled in Multiple Systems

Resulting in fragmented processes and data

Full of Avoidable Costs

Due to rogue spending, lack of structured processes

Fraught with Legal Risk

Due to sub-par sourcing and contracting practices

Take A Bite Out Of The Cost Of Services – And More

Enable Business Users To Buy Services

Give business or program managers with an easy, reliable, and compliant way to request and get the services they need. Incentivize adoption and sanctioned buying.

Achieve Spend And Process Visibility

Understand where spend originates, how much is spent, and on what suppliers and deliverables. Access data captured across the entire source-to-pay lifecycle.

Ensure Compliance at Every Level

Comply with your company’s own sourcing policies and contractual requirements. Configure your solution to enforce practices compliant with labor laws and regulations.

Reduce Costs & Drive Performance

Control spend allocations and remain in line with project budgets. Track and analyze worker payrates and costs by service deliverables and milestones.

Track and Manage Services Spend At Every Step Of The Lifecycle​

Simplify’s solution addresses all stages of the services procurement process to bring transparency to services spend and maximize opportunities to control costs, ensure compliance and drive supplier performance.

Services procurement cycle


Simplify’s solution ensures you will find and engage the right supplier every time.

  • Easily and quickly create services requisitions
  • Select pre-vetted suppliers for a specific project
  • Source new suppliers with robust RFx capabilities
  • Compare supplier and bid details side-by-side
  • Interact and collaborate with suppliers in real-time

Services procurement source


Simplify’s solution enables you to develop SOWs based on your company’s policies and requirements:

  • Develop SOWs with your own contract templates or from scratch
  • Utilize pre-approved contract terms templates and a clause library to speed up drafting
  • Choose Statement of Work (SOW) types applicable for the project (fixed fee, recurring fees, time and materials, unit-based costing, or hybrid)
  • Negotiate supplier contracts with editing/redlining features and communications capabilities
  • Specify agreed-upon details of project scope of work, supplier resources/personnel, pay rates, and payment terms, et al to avoid discrepancies when executing
  • Establish milestones, SLAs, acceptance criteria, and review check points to track project health and supplier performance
  • Configure and utilize approval workflows and execute contracts for implementation

Services procurement contract development


Simplify’s solution delivers significant capabilities to oversee and manage service execution from start to finish

  • Manage the end-to-end service delivery process in line with Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Monitor spend/budget Utilization and manage cost allocations in real time
  • Manage roles and rates for supplier personnel associated with specific milestones
  • Compliantly onboard/offboard specific workers, manage configurable time-reporting
  • Track milestones and deliverables, SLAs and sign-off and acceptance or rejection
  • Identify issues and problems and rapidly provide supplier feedback
  • Efficiently manage change orders with robust auditing capabilities
  • Auto-generate and pay supplier invoices based upon approved payment requests, eliminating invoice discrepancies completely​

Services procurement service management


Simplify supports you in off-boarding workers and winding down the engagement

  • Throughout the project engagement, offboard workers, including terminating system access and retrieving assets
  • Evaluate supplier and worker performance: Provide detailed performance feedback to regarding workers, outcomes, and execution

Services procurement offboarding and evaluation


Simplify’s solution provides the data and advanced analytics to identify opportunities for improvement

  • Access and analyze data on every process step and actor (buyer/MSP, service provider, worker) in the procurement process
  • Track project burndown rate in terms of budget and timelines to flag at-risk projects
  • Analyze past data to identify areas for improvement or mitigate future risks with vendor scores

Services procurement data analytics

What Sets Us Apart

  • Highly flexible and scalable, cloud-based solution platform
  • Purpose-built service procurement software solution
  • Deliverable as a point solution or integrated with other Simplify solutions

  • Customer-acclaimed, simple, intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI
  • Personalized user experience to meet each user’s needs
  • Real-time dashboards, reminders and notifications

  • Configurable processes and workflows
  • Customized data fields
  • Self-service – little if any technical support required.

  • Seamless integration with SimplifyVMS and other Simplify solutions
  • Pre-built connectors for popular 3rd party enterprise systems
  • Integration with client-preferred point solutions, data sources and more
Services procurement advantages