Getting the most out of your VMS


Use real-time reporting and analytics to optimize your contingent workforce spend


Minimize costs and ensure compliance by digitizing your contingent workforce program


Obtain the best contingent workers through multiple sourcing channels and AI-driven matching


Ensure your flexible workforce responds to rapid changes with configurable features/workflows

The Rapid-Deployment VMS

Our implementation timeline takes half as much time as the industry standard and is configurable in real-time. Flexibility and scalability in infrastructure design eliminates programming bottlenecks, rolling out system changes quickly.

VMS rapid deployment

Fully Featured And Easy To Use

It is not necessary to choose between a highly functional VMS and world-class user-experience. Any business will get all the capabilities it expects in a VMS in the form of a highly configurable solution with a highly intuitive UI and first-rate technical support

Fully featured vendor management system

Workforce Analytics and Intelligence

Advanced AI-enabled reporting, analytics modules and built-in algorithms allow you to identify, develop, and capitalize on labor market inefficiencies. platform reduces time your team spends on manual tasks, such as background checks, which are ‘hard-coded’ into the system design.

Workforce analytical intelligence AI reporting