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Staffing Software in Hospitals speeding up day to day operations

Administering the staffing function in hospitals is both challenging and rewarding. Hospitals of all sizes have turned to the flexible workforce to supplement their regular full-time headcount, as a way to manage the resources needed to serve their patients. Utilizing the appropriate staffing software and scheduling tools can alleviate administrative burden, ensure important onboarding requirements are met for every worker that enters the hospital premises, and provide important analytics to assist with workforce planning.

Hospitals are bringing in contingent workers to fill all types of hospital roles, such as administrative assistants, financial analysts, health information systems consultants, nurses, and even doctors. These individuals can have access to their work-schedules, and their time-keeping system anywhere and anytime. Be it by cell phone, tablet or laptop, all they need is access to the internet.

SimplifyVMS provides contingent workforce management solutions that deliver improved compliance and risk mitigation, increased quality through performance management metrics, and visibility to workforce usage and costs.  SimplifyVMS brings ease to managing a contingent workforce, so healthcare organizations can focus on high quality patient care.

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